Going Mental: ‘Lockeddown’, Providing a Venting Space for Those Suffering During the Quarantine

Though there might be people enjoying their quarantine and being able to spend more time with their families, there are many others who, unfortunately, aren’t. From the social butterflies who are now depressed because they’re stuck at home, to the ones already suffering from depression or anxiety, it’s a hard time for many of us, and any window to vent is definitely appreciated.

In an effort to document this phase, and at the same time help those who are struggling to cope, Mahmoud Aly, a 26 year-old Egyptian, decided to create a website, ‘Lockeddown’, for people to vent out their thoughts and feelings anonymously. Aly is a Localization Project Manager for world-class streaming services, and a published literary translator who is originally from Alexandria, but moved to Cairo a few years back.

via Mahmoud Aly

“I came up with the idea when I saw everyone around me and on social media struggling with our current situation, and on top of that, they avoid being open about it to not cause further panic to others around them, especially when it comes to worrying about parents or elders. So I thought maybe we need somewhere to just blow off steam,” said Aly.

Despite being his first time to create and launch a fully functional website, it took him only two days. “I have so much free time so I had the chance to observe,” noted Aly.

Aly explained that part of the idea behind the website was that it would be interesting to have a collective diary of this unique period, especially since the entire world is facing the same existential challenge.

“In the future, it will answer some questions like what were people thinking about around that time? What was actually scaring them? What were they looking forward to? We will see that sort of documentation in movies or documentaries on that period maybe years later, but no one thought of live-documenting it day by day,” added Aly.

So, in case you’re going through a rough time, go to lockeddown today, let it all out, feel better, and leave it behind!

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