Go Green: Tips for How to Recycle in Cairo

recycle in cairo

It’s no secret that Cairo has a waste problem. But we can all do our part by recycling, reducing and reusing. Here are a few tips to get you started.



  • Divide your rubbish into organic and non-organic (recyclable) materials and let your garbage collector know. Most likely, he’ll thank you.
  • Sign up with Gamayit El-Misbah El-Mudii, which has been collecting all types of recyclable items from homes, businesses and schools around Cairo since 2005. Just fill out this simple form. For more info, e-mail egyptcollects@gmail.com or call 16093, 22733149, 010-7676513 or 014-3282727 (English).
  • You can also call Resala NGO at 19450 to recycle paper, old TVs and other electronics.
  • Support APE, the Association for the Protection of the Environment, which works with the Zabballeen. Here’s how.
  • When shopping, go for products that use recycled material.



  • Avoid Styrofoam products – they’re not biodegradable.
  • Make a habit of using a portable coffee mug – bring it to the petrol station on your way to work and have them fill it up with your morning coffee instead of a paper cup that you’ll end up throwing away.
  • Same goes for water – get a sports bottle and refill it instead of buying bottled water.
  • Switch from tissue packs to hand sanitizer.
  • Instead of printing, opt for the e-version when possible – from your travel tickets to your work reports.



  • Bring your own bags when you go grocery shopping.
  • If you still buy bottled water, go for the large bottles. Save them when you’re done and give them to fresh juice shops to use.
  • Go DIY or up-cycle: With a plethora of how-to articles and videos online, check if that new piece of furniture you’ve been wanting to buy is something you can create at home or upgrade from something you already own with materials you already have lying around.
  • Use reusable containers instead of foil and plastic wrap for your work lunches.
  • Every season, collect your unwanted clothing and other household items for donation.
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