Geminids Meteor Shower to Bring a Breathtaking Light Show to Your Skylines This Weekend!

Via Coloradoan

By Sarah Alblowi

It’s finally the best time to enjoy some time outdoors. Not just because of the perfect chilly weather, but because the astronomical calendar is in your favor. Grab your binoculars and get ready to witness a spectacular celestial show! Don’t miss out on a grand meteor shower in your town’s desert/forest skyline; a perfect way to spend some romantic time with your significant other.

Via Almanac

Every mid-December, both hemispheres hold an event that is the definition of “science meets beauty” and we can’t wait! Meteors, nicknamed “shooting stars”, are space rocks that create streaks of lights as they fall into the Earth’s atmosphere. The dust creates radiant lights that mimic a falling star. This beautiful, and safe, sight can be enjoyed during highlighted times of the year.

You can enjoy the view with the naked eye or telescopes. To your luck, you can watch the peak of the light show this weekend, Friday, December 14th, starting at 10 pm to 4 am in Dubai. The Geminids will be at their peak from 14th to the 15th of December in Cairo starting at 6:20 pm, Amman from 5:53 pm, and Beirut at 5:47 pm. As for the rest of the region, you can check the meteor calendar here for your local peak time and dates.

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