From Snails to Maakouda, Here’s Your Guide to Morocco’s Tastiest Street Food

By Amena Reda

We all admit that Moroccan cuisine is one of the best in the world, with its unique tagines and the mixture between sweet and savory in the same dish. But, what about its street food? Does it have the same tasty food? We can guarantee you the answer is YES! So, in this article, we’ll present to you some low-priced and tasty food that you can easily have access to on the streets of Morocco! Scroll down to have a look.


A deep-fried potato fritter, you can generally find it in the streets of Fez, served whether as an appetizer or a sandwich with hot sauce.


The Moroccan doughnuts. They are always covered with granulated sugar, have that soft and chewy texture!  


Via Femme

Turkey sandwiches served either minced or in pieces. And in its different shapes, it tastes really good! 

Ground Beef Sandwhiches

Sandwiches are served in the unique Moroccan bread. 


Via Delish

These are not the ordinary Mexican tacos you may know, these are sandwiches in tortilla wraps, with your favorite animal protein and special sauce. 


We added this at the end of the article because we understand it might be shocking. But we swear, it tastes better than it looks or sounds. It’s usually served with its soup by the small carts in the streets and gives you the warmth you need in winter! 

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