Following the Departure of Spiderman from the MCU, the Replacement is the Muslim Superheroine, Ms. Marvel!

Via comic book critic

Comic books and superhero movie fans from all over the world were super disappointed to hear the unfortunate news about Spiderman leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) after two successful movies and several important appearances.

Sony reached a dead-end with Disney and failed to close a deal that would please both sides. Now Sony, who own the rights to use the Spiderman character, will no longer be cooperating with Disney, taking away the character that was clearly the new face of the MCU.

Via Marvel

Now Spiderman is leaving a huge void in the MCU, not only because he’s one of the most popular characters (the Mickey Mouse of Marvel), and not only because of his relationship with Marvel’s fan-favorite Iron Man, but also because he’s the only relatable superhero. He’s an ordinary teenager who accidently acquired his super powers. The rest of the MCU’s main superheroes are the exact opposite: super trained soldiers, a Nordic God, and an extraordinarily smart billionaire.

Thus, the replacement is a very important character that should be picked carefully. In a very smart move, Marvel is now pushing for the new Muslim superheroine, Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan. Kamala Khan is getting a TV series on Disney+ and will most probably be moved to the big screen soon. The perfect replacement to Tom Holland’s Spiderman.

Ms. Marvel is also a teenager who has super-powers and plays a huge role in promoting inclusion and for explaining the challenges that teens face in a multi-cultural society. We’re very excited to see how this will turn out. And although everyone wishes that Spiderman “sticks” around for some more time, this move can actually be very promising for the future of the MCU.

WE SAID THIS: Kamala Khan, we love you 3000.