Everything You Need to Know About Cairo Steps: The Best of Souad Massi

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Tomorrow is the long awaited day by all underground music fans in Egypt; as Sawt Music launches the first step of the world’s new musical project “The Best of Souad Massi.” There are several reasons why tomorrow’s concert will be exceptional and extraordinary.


As we’ve said before, we can’t wait for Algeria’s national singing treasure Souad Massi to wow us with her beautiful voice and epic masterpieces; such as  like “Gheir Enta” and “Raoui.”


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But today, I want to talk about something else; Cairo Steps. The thing I’m most excited about tomorrow is the epic collaboration between Massi’s songs and the classic Sufi-jazz music of Cairo Steps.


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If you don’t know who Cairo Steps is, let me enlighten you. Cairo Steps is an international crossover-jazz-world-music ensemble consisting of German and Egyptian musicians. They were founded in 2002 as collaboration between Egyptian oud player Basem Darwisch and German pianist Matthias Frey. Cairo Steps has become an international ensemble under the musical direction of German jazz pianist and conductor Sebastian Müller-Schrobsdorff.


Their music is influenced by spiritual ethnic music and Sufi traditions, and it alternates between meditative sound escapes and strong unison rhythms. The result is a unique music style and an exciting blend of numerous cultures. The band has played numerous concerts in Egypt and Europe with musicians and artists from around the world, including performances shown on international live TV broadcasts.



Sawt Music has planned everything out in a way that will make your experience more pleasant and easy. You can easily just book your ticket from E7gezly.com or call 2121 for Vodafone customers. You can also get a free ride from Uber to the concert. Moreover, the concert will be in the open air in the central garden of Pyramid Hills compound.



WE SAID THIS: For the unfortunate few who won’t make it tomorrow, check out our Insta stories @ScoopEmpire as we can’t afford to miss this one. For more info on the event, click here.