Emirates NBD – Egypt’s Mega Liabilities Campaign Is Your Best Investment Opportunity

Recently, two videos have been circulating across Facebook and Instagram because of how relatable they are to most Egyptians. The videos, which feature Egyptian stars Suleiman Eid and Tamer Hagras, highlight how money can change your life and give you all that you desire. While one is shot by the beach, the other is at a birthday party, with Tamer Hagras happily counting his never-ending money, and proudly looking forward to spending it. Like Hagras, you too can enjoy a luxurious life!

These videos are part of an annual campaign launched by Emirates NBD Egypt called the Mega Liabilities campaign, where they used light-hearted, comical videos to give their social media followers a glimpse of the life they can enjoy once they choose Emirates NBD and opt to take part in the draw they’re holding.

In Egypt, many prefer to keep their money at home, instead of paying a visit to the bank and keeping their savings there. During its three-month-campaign, the bank will select one client per month to win EGP 500K in cash on the condition that they’ve deposited a sum of EGP 50K in his/her account. And the best part is that both new and existing customers who meet the campaign criteria are eligible for the monthly draw prizes. But that’s not all! In January 2021, the bank will announce the draw for the grand prize worth EGP 2 million.

In 2017, the bank awarded their customers with a luxury Maserati. While in 2018, the bank offered a few lucky winners the chance to get weekly and monthly cash prizes, in addition to a grand prize of EGP 5 million. That being said, in 2019, the bank held a monthly draw with BMW cars for 8 lucky winners, as well as a large draw of EGP 5 million for one winner.

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