Egyptian Director’s ‘Amira’ Makes It To Rome’s MedFilm Festival & Wins Not One But Two Awards!

Held annually in Rome, the MedFilm Festival is dedicated to promoting both the Mediterranean and European Cinema. In addition, the festival aspires for diversity while also emphasizing relations, collaborations, and the growth of the film industry amongst nearby nations. Each of the films nominated for an Academy Award represents a wide range of identities and cultures from around the world.

It’s worth highlighting that Egyptian Cinema has been squandering every opportunity to gain international acclaim. As a result, Egyptian films have taken the world by storm, reflecting not only Egypt itself but the essence and beauty of the Arab region as a whole

On the twenty-seventh edition of the MedFilm Festival, director Mohamed Diab was recognized alongside many other notable award winners for the film Amira. The movie provides a fresh perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The film won not one but two awards at the Italian Festival! Winning both the Amnesty International Human Rights Award as well as the Amore and Psyche Award.

The film follows Amira on her quest to discover her own identity and form her own viewpoint on the ongoing conflict. She discovers that the man she idolized as a child was not her biological father, her world is thrown upside down.

via: IMDB

Amira is not the first Egyptian film to be honored at the MedFilm festival. The Factory Girl, Mohamed Khan’s masterwork, has received a lot of praise for its authenticity and plot in 2014 at the 20th edition of the festival. The story follows a young woman who works in the textile industry and falls in love with her boss.

Other Egyptian films, such as Cairo Drive directed by Sherif El-Katsha, have also been presented through the MedFilm festival. Throughout the years, these great films have demonstrated the depth of talent and the magnificence of Egyptian cinema.

Egyptian cinema has clearly gone through several stages of development. There is a large pool of talented performers and filmmakers that have received international acclaim for their outstanding films. Those films offer a variety of perspectives that have made a significant contribution to the industry.

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