Egypt To Launch Tender For New Solar Power Plant At Sharm El-sheikh’s Museum

In order to diversify its energy supply and assure its stability, the Egyptian government created an integrated and sustainable policy back in 2019. The “2035 Integrated Sustainable Energy Strategy” seeks to increase the amount of electricity produced from renewable sources to 20 percent by 2022 and 42 percent by 2035, with wind power contributing 14 percent, hydropower 2 percent, and solar energy 25 percent by that year.

Therefore, the Egyptian government will, according to Daily News, announce a tender for the construction of a solar power plant at the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum on Aug. 15. According to sources, contracts for the project will be given within a week with the intention of beginning operations by November, when Sharm El-Sheikh will host the climate summit (COP27). The new solar power plant will be able to produce 280 kilowatts. In the meantime, several resorts and tourist destinations rush against the clock to put in solar panels so Sharm El-Sheikh may become a green city in time for the impending climate summit.

Sharm El-Sheikh Museum

One of the first antiquities museums to be constructed in the Sinai Peninsula is the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum. Although the idea for this museum in a vacation town was first developed in 2006, the building process wasn’t completed until late 2020, when the museum finally opened to the public.

While focusing specifically on ancient Egyptian civilization, the museum’s exhibition scenario broadly reflects the various facets of human civilization and culture. This is accomplished by the careful selection of historical items from the museum’s storage areas. Ancient Egyptian teachings were versed in science, mathematics, industry, crafts, family life, and intense affection for animals this is shown in the museum’s Grand Hall, which exhibits a history of people and wildlife in ancient Egypt.

More projects to come

The South Sinai governorate announced plans to build three more solar power plants, two garages for electric public transportation buses, and rapid charging stations for electric vehicles back in May 2022.

The country’s goal is to create a new Sharm El-Sheikh that will be entirely free of single-use plastic bags, according to prior announcements by Yasmine Fouad, Minister of the Environment and COP27 Ministerial Envoy and Coordinator. This move is in line with numerous other initiatives to make Sharm El-Sheikh a green city. In addition to reducing plastic consumption, Fouad noted that the city is also implementing a number of additional policies and green initiatives in the areas of waste management, electric transportation, green tourism in hotels and dive shops, and renewable energy use.

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