Egypt Listed As ‘One of Least Safe Countries For Solo Female Tourists’

Via Toufic Araman
Via Toufic Araman


For endless decades, Egypt has been one of the biggest touristic countries in the world. At one point, the Pyramids were on everyone’s bucket list. The country had an endless flow of incoming tourists, that is until the January 25 revolution took place, followed by a damaging political turmoil.


The economic and political situation has definitely had its toll on tourism. However, the past year felt like we’re getting back on track.


Via REUTERS/Asmaa Waguih


Based on a survey done by female users, women generally noted that Egyptian men can be aggressive, especially in crowded markets. One visitor noted that her female guide would not visit the markets because the merchants would harass her mercilessly if tourists didn’t stop at their stalls.


The website advised female travelers to respect the local dress norms, which [according to them] means covering shoulders and knees, and try their best to blend in.



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