Egypt Cancels Daylight Savings…Again



Egypt decided over the weekend to cancel Daylight Savings Time, once again. Does anyone even know how many times have we canceled and re-instated DST over the last few years?


Parliament voted last week to scrap DST, and the State Council (Maglis El Dowla) approved the decision on Saturday. The best part is that this decision comes just two months after the Cabinet announced that Egypt would observe DST this year; it was scheduled to begin at the end of this week.


Nothing, however, beats 2014: that was the year we had to change our clocks four times because we went off DST for Ramadan, and back to it after Ramadan.


What’s more, EgyptAir says it could face losses of up to $2 million in the next four months because of the decision. The airline had already notified IATA about the decision to use DST, and changing it now could result in departure delays and passengers missing flights, not to mention paying to change flight times, EgyptAir CEO Sawfat Mosallam told Al Mal.



WE SAID THIS: The real question: how many smartphones will automatically change time on us at the end of the week?