During the Month of Giving, These International Organizations Can Help You Making a Difference

On 20 March 2018 in Adra in eastern Ghouta in the Syrian Arab Republic, a UNICEF Syria child protection specialist holds 6-months-old baby Yusuf as his mother queued for services.Since 11 March 2018, more the 50,000 people have left Eastern Ghouta and thousands more are reported to be on exit points awaiting transportation to collective Shelters. In Adra, an estimated 5,400 people are currently staying in three schools-turned-shelters in the area, while over 13,000 have sought shelter in an abandoned institute, formerly used for electrical studies. At the shelters, children and their families are living in the most basic conditions. Overcrowding and lack of existing water and sanitation systems are increasing families’ hardship. Many are forced to sleep out in the open, bearing the day’s scorching sun and the night’s dropping temperatures. Families have arrived to the shelters with very few personal belongings. UNICEF and partners were there to support in the four Adra shelters since families started arriving last week in what was the largest displacement from one location in one day, since the beginning of the Syrian conflict. Emergency water trucking is ongoing in all four shelters into water tanks installed by UNICEF. UNICEF has also installed pre-fabricated latrines at the three schools and is finalizing the installation of toilets and showers at the electricity compound. However, due to the huge influx of people on daily basis, sanitation remains a challenge. Three mobile health teams are providing primary healthcare services for children and mothers, including the provision of nutritional supplements to prevent and treat malnutrition as well as much-needed vaccinations. Most shelters do not have the capacity to accommodate the large number of people arriving. Some sites are not suitable to host IDPs and overcrowding is impeding needed shelter and WASH rehabilitation. As a result many families are staying out in the open and there are insufficient WA

Conditions in the Middle East are getting worse by the minute. Yemen, Iraq, and Syria, war after war, blood being shed and so many people are losing their lives. During circumstances like these, it’s easy to feel helpless, miles away from all those who desperately need the world’s attention and, of course, our help. But have no worries, you can always make a difference and reach out to them with only a click of a button. Since we’re in December, the month of giving back, we’ve listed some of the organizations that are making a positive difference; scroll down for an idea of where to place your next donation.

United States Fund For UNICEF

International Rescue Committee

UN Refugee Agency

The Red Cross

Save The Children in Iraq

Syrian American Medical Society

Feed Starving Children in Yemen

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