Dubai To Construct World’s First Underwater Mosque

Mosques have been more than simply places of worship as throughout the world, they are reflections of the art and culture of a given civilization and at times a projection of its power and influence.

The different eras of Islamic architecture are easily identified through the appearances of Mosques and contemporary designs are changing how people relate to these sites.

Via Khaleeji Times

The floating/underwater mosque set to be constructed in the UAE is definitely one of the more unusual designs, with three floors two of them above water and one below the sea.

Perhaps the purpose was to add a different spiritual experience to prayer, which was done with other mosques such as the one that employ modern green designs like Eng. Walid Arafa with the Basuna Mosque in Sohag, Egypt.

Via Arch Daily

The mosque will be open to visitors of all faiths as a tourist attraction; with the top level including a café and it will be built close to the Dubai beachfront so it would be easily accessible.

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