Dubai to Launch Unmanned Flying Drones That’ll Transport People Through the Skies

via Bonjourlife
via Bonjourlife


Dubai is growing to be the land of wonders and innovation hub. Everyone wants to hear the fresh news from Dubai. It has slowly hijacked attention on all walks of life and corners of the earth. Businessmen, Scientists, tourists, miners all wants to make Dubai their home. This, in the long run, has attracted a significant population in its city resulting in traffic congestion and transport problem. Dubai government has vowed to solve this issue forever in an exceptional and unusual way.





What do you think Dubai is planning to do?


July is the long awaited month in Dubai. Pens are ready to write history. Unmanned flying drones are set to be launched. Using an app, the passenger will book or ask for the airborne taxi. In the drone, one will choose his or her destination from a list of preset destinations on a touch screen.



Do you fear being carried by a drone?


The transport sector is maturing day by day. It started with camels, horses, cars, airplanes and now the drones. Testing has been done widely in the USA. Transport Agency in Dubai has also experimented the unmanned drones in its skies.  For assured safety, the unmanned drone has a” Failsafe” system. This enables it to land in the nearest place in case of any malfunction or disconnection. Also, they are controlled and monitored by experts on a station where it communicates. Is there anything still to fear?



What difference is it going to make?


Transport has never been fun, fantastic, fast and fresh until the drone will be launched. The taxi has a speed of 60 miles per hour. You get to your destination in minutes. No more traffic congestion and police on your way. How cool is that? It carries a single passenger less 100 Kg. No more overcrowding in vehicles. Is the drone technology perfect and of its kind?



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