Drunk Trump Supporters Attack a Woman Wearing Hijab on NYC Subway

Via Facebook
Via Buzzfeed


Just when you think that Donald Trump’s supporters can’t get any worse, they surprisingly do. Three drunk men who shouted Trump’s name attacked a woman and tried to remove her hijab. in New York City. This act is not the first to take place since the appearance of Trump in the American political scene and elections.


On a New York City subway, Yasmin Seweid was attacked simply for wearing hijab. Seweid is a business student at Baruch College in Manhattan who was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to Egyptian immigrant parents.



In a post on Facebook, Seweid narrated the tragic accident and expressed her disappointment because no one rushed to help her on the subway. The three men yelled “Get the hell out of the country!” and, “You don’t belong here!”



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