Do It From the Heart: When Art and Storytelling Come Together for a Good Cause

Via The Doodle Factory

Egyptian brands, The Doodle Factory and 18.213, joined forces for a good cause. The brands’ collaboration is all about “Do It From the Heart”, an event held for the sake of underprivileged children. The event will take place at #18, 213 st., Degla, Maadi on the 5th of May.

First things first, what do the brands actually do? Well, The Doodle Factory collaborates with different stakeholders and organizations to empower unfortunate kids. The brand collects the children’s drawings and then design everyday lifestyle products. Consumers who buy these products will instantly help fund those kids’ medical, educational, and survival needs. That way, the children’s own creativity and playfulness will pay for their opportunity for a better life. As for 18.213, it’s an experiential brand storytelling service and Pop-Up platform. The brand believes in the power of a compelling story and how entrepreneurs need to tell their stories differently to stand out and convey an entire experience instead of just advertising. 18.213 does this by holding innovation Pop-Up events to connect customers to an unforgettable emotional experience.

Meet our two little magnificent tickers Aliaa and Mohamed. Their astonishing doodles and beautiful hearts are behind our next collection: A Ticker's Beat. With your purposeful purchases we will fund our 2 doodler's heart surgeries.Very special thank you to @hebasalah for this amazing video ‎نحب نعرفكم بأصحاب تصميمات مجموعتنا الجايه، علياء و محمد. مش رسوماتهم بس اللى أدهشتنا، لكن كمان قلوبهم اللى كانت بتشع فرحة و ألوان وهما بيرسموا. بشرائكم لمنتجات مجموتنا هتساهموا فى تمويل عمليات القلب اللى محتاجينها عشان يكملوا طريقهم و تكمل قلوبهم تعمل فارق و تزين عالمنا. #turningdoodlesintodreams #purposefulpurchase #shopforacause #shopforgood #kids #artwork #drawings #doodles #education #health #survival #impact #lifestyle #products #madeinegypt #local #golocal

Posted by The Doodle Factory on Monday, March 12, 2018

“Do It From the Heart” will feature the launch The Doodle Factory’s new SS’ 18 Collection, “A Tickers Beat”. The summer collection is all about enabling children to have healthy and happy hearts. The designs this time are inspired by the drawings of 10-year old Aliaa and 12 -year old Mohamed, who need to undergo open heart surgeries, but do not have the means to do so. The proceeds of the products’ sales will fund both operations.

WE SAID THIS: Remember, your contribution will save two innocent hearts! We hope Aliaa and Mohamed get well soon…