DJ Duo Gawdat Tease Upcoming Label, Latest Music & More

Across the music industry are many sibling duos who are known to conquer the stage with their combined talent. Among the many names out there are Egyptian DJs, the Gawdat Brothers who became known for their unique blend of progressive and deep house music. Sitting with the artists, we got to take a deep dive into their successful music careers, where they are now, and how they are conquering the global stage.

It all started 14 years ago. Back then, from a very young age, the legendary DJ duo took every opportunity to immerse themselves in the music scene. “We were lucky to have been exposed to a lot of different festivals, clubs, artists and sounds that shaped our identity and taste as DJs.”

Today, they are a known go-to act across Egypt’s booming nightlife scene. Beyond their regional fame, they also took their talents abroad, especially after joining the LA-based talent Creative Arts Agency (CAA).

The brothers have been taking on a lot of gigs on an international scale including being the closing night act after Denis Cruz at Club Chinois Ibiza. Topping the list for the duo, one of their most notable acts was “a special b2b with The Martinez brothers on a cargo ship in Sicily in a private event.”

No matter where they perform, through years of experience, the brothers always know how to create an addictive set; “We download music consistently in many different directions that suit our sound then we create playlists. Reading the crowd is a very important factor, so based on our experience: there are so many factors that shape our set.”

Looking ahead, we couldn’t help but ask them how AI is impacting their music, “With AI now the creativity is endless, there are some super cool tools and websites that help us get more creative and really think out of the box.”

Along with their ever-evolving sound, throughout their music journey, the dynamic duo always knew that at the core, the recipe for their success was their deep bond, “Working as brothers has been a huge privilege because as brothers we really understand and complete each other in many factors.”

Next up, Gawdat has some exciting news, “We’re launching our record label soon and we’re doing something that really represents who we are and what we can bring to the music scene.” Along with that, be sure to stay tuned for a massive event they are planning to throw in 2024.

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