Differences Between Turkey & Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship Programs

The possibility of obtaining citizenship has been available to investors for quite some time, so one should not be surprised by the diversity. Many countries strive to get finances from foreign sources and improve conditions, allowing investors to choose the best offer.

One doesn’t have to spend a lot of time on the comparison of options. The first differences are visible to the naked eye. Obtaining citizenship in Turkey will make visiting 100 countries much more accessible. At the same time, the Antigua passport opens up 40 more countries. Study the pros and cons of the selected offers to make a choice.

Turkey and a second passport: pros and cons

Investors looking for interesting programs will appreciate the Turkish option. For example, if investing in the purchase of real estate, one can get 43.5% more after three years. The return on investment in a few years was an excellent reason to consider Turkey citizenship.

Benefits of the offer

The cost to participate in the program starts at $400,000. Additional expenses (form processing fees) are not included in the amount. A noteworthy feature is that the inclusion of close relatives in the investor form does not affect the final cost of participation. 

According to the Immigrant Invest expert Evgeniya Morozova, the return on investment also looks attractive. It usually takes three years to get the first profit. The real estate purchase allows the property to be used for renting or opening a tourist business. The minimum term of ownership is three years; after that, the building can be resold for profit.

A favorable decision on the application allows one to get a passport and a few regular benefits.

crossing borders without documents processing (or upon arrival).

Visa processing for tourism or residency in the United States.

The possibility of arriving in Turkey at any time.

Having Turkish citizenship by investment will allow dependents to enroll in renowned universities and receive an excellent education. In addition, real estate that was purchased for the program can be used for residence or profit receipts.

Disadvantages of the offer

The cost of participation in the investment program is relatively high because in other countries applying for citizenship is possible with a contribution of 100 thousand dollars. The number of countries that open their territory to travelers with a Turkish passport also raises some doubts. The rate of repayment depends on how the property is used. Renting purchased buildings and premises will allow a return on investment over a long time.

Caribbean Program

The popularity of the programs is directly related to the good location, and its requirements are a particular plus. In addition, the scenic views and many new business opportunities attract investors. So Antigua and Barbuda citizenship programs allow one to start a new business and reap benefits.

Advantages of the offer from Antigua and Barbuda

One can proceed with the application if they have $100,000 to invest. It is the most affordable option among the existing offers. But the final cost of processing documents depends on the chosen option. For example, investing in a local business will cost $400,000.

Unique opportunities for passport holders also motivate them to explore the features of the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program, namely:

Travel without a visa. Island citizenship allows one to visit more than 150 countries for business or leisure travel. This opportunity is also available to those who were listed on the application form.

Visa for crossing the borders of the USA. An Antiguan permit will allow one to travel, be treated, and work in the States for ten years. It is also possible to use the visa for meetings with business partners. The maximum period of stay is six months within a year.

Beneficial tax system. Inheritance, capital gains, dividends, interest, and royalties are not taxed, so it’s a great option to optimize costs. In addition, having second citizenship does not affect the terms offered.

Investor motivation has been showing results since 2013, and program participants are given a choice. The amount of investment depends on the option chosen, so it is easy for foreigners to find the best way to obtain citizenship.

Disadvantages of citizenship in the Caribbean Islands

Refunds are of interest to future Antigua passports by investment holders. But in this case, there are no guarantees. Investing in public funds or making contributions will not allow the return of the funds spent on participation in the program. The situation of real estate owners is different: the sale of the property is possible after five years.

The “Young” program allows one to get new opportunities, and the cost of the passport depends on several factors. Putting other family members on the application requires additional funds, which makes the final investment fuzzy and, in some cases, relatively high.

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