DHL Express Surprises the Masses With “The Human Network” Campaign Globally

For their 50-year anniversary, DHL Express has set for us a New Year resolution this year: connecting with people we love outside the realm of social media. Their new campaign has brought people’s attention to an alternative way of communicating besides social media. What’s that? Mailing them packages with emotional appeal right at their doorstep.

For the past few days, DHL Express’ campaign has kept the whole world on its toes with their risky, yet fun collaboration with Mo Salah who tweeted about needing to connect and get in touch, then disappearing from social media, which caused everyone to wonder where he was for days. Insert the tweet

Their recent campaign has gone viral showcasing real fans connecting with his fans through exchanging gifts in the Ad’s main copy including a painting of Mo Salah’s official shirt, a face painting, a sculpture of him, and a portrait made by thousands of origami colorful paper rolls. All packages were delivered right to his home, bringing him closer to his fans, conveying how DHL Express handles the most delicate and valuable packages with care.

The video beautifully depicted a missed feeling of connection and sent us the feeling of nostalgia for a time when people usually communicated by posts and real tangible objects that carry a big value within them rather than virtual lifeless icons. Through this campaign, DHL Express puts the “The Human Network” into focus, telling us there are many more ways to connect with our beloved ones wherever they are outside the boundaries of the virtual world.

Now DHL is hosting a competition where the top 50 voted for winners on their promotional website: can get a chance to deliver their gifts to Mo Salah himself!

WE SAID THIS: So, put your phone down and connect with those that matter to you with DHL Express!