Despite Being Let Go, US Councilor Pushes For A Ceasefire On Gaza Resolution In Rhode Island

Israeli genocide in Gaza is changing things in the United States. Last Saturday, Washington DC witnessed the largest Pro-Palestine rally since October 7, bringing together 300.000 protesters denouncing Joe Biden’s aid to Israel and calling for an immediate ceasefire. Now, the Providence City Council in Rhode Island has passed a resolution (official opinion statement) urging POTUS for humanitarian aid and a ceasefire in Gaza.

The ex-Providence City Councilor Miguel Sanchez, who was fired by governor on 27 October by Governor Dan McKee over his anti-Israel social media posts has from his end helped push this from his side. Following his sudden unemployment, he writes in an ‘X’ tweet saying “McKee may have taken away my job, but he won’t pressure me into silence while a genocide is occurring in front of our eyes.”

The resolution in question reads: “All human life is precious and the targeting of civilians, no matter their faith or ethnicity, is a violation of international humanitarian law.”

The United States is having its share of the splitting in the political sphere. People are risking their careers to voice concerns about Biden’s aid to Israel amid ongoing genocide. This week, Jazmine Hughes, an award-winning writer for the New York Times was forced to resign after signing a Pro Palestine letter.

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