Crisis Update: Netanyahu Pushes For Rafah Invasion Despite Global Outcry

With a headstrong insistence, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is still adamant on advancing into Rafah, as he told the Israeli army to prepare for an on-ground invasion. This comes after last night’s talks in Cairo on a possible ceasefire, where Netanyahu showed no interest in calling off the operation.

“We will fight until complete victory and this includes a powerful action also in Rafah after we allow the civilian population to leave the battle zones,” he said.

Beyond that, for more than a week, the Israeli army has already launched several airstrikes on Rafah, which currently is sheltering 1.4 million Palestinians. The attacks on Monday were especially severe and brutal, with many Palestinians calling it a ‘Night Full of Horror.’ Now, they all wait with uncertainty for the encroaching ground invasion.

A Push-Back From Global Leaders

Once again, many aren’t silent about Netanyahu’s plan, with several global leaders speaking up about the on-ground invasion. On Wednesday, French President Macron called Netanyahu and said he must cease the Israeli operations.

Along with Macron, the Prime Ministers of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand have come together to issue a joint statement, where they all made it clear that they feel a “grave concern” over how an on-ground invasion on Rafah could prove to be “catastrophic.” They all called for an immediate ceasefire in Rafah.

The UN Expresses The Harsh Truth

One of the top UN officials warned that an attack on Rafah could lead to a “slaughter” and that the consequences of an invasion would be “catastrophic.” An Israeli invasion of the city, he added, would “leave an already fragile humanitarian operation at death’s door.”

So far, the UN hasn’t received evacuation plans for Rafah from Israel, and they made it clear that they’ll not take part in a forced evacuation.

Fleeing Rafah

With all the negotiations and talks going on, Palestinians in Rafah are still exposed to extreme danger, and that’s why some Palestinians have decided to try to flee Rafah.

Via Ahram

It remains unclear what the fate of Palestinians in Rafah will be; yet, Netanyahu seems to be pressing forward with the on-ground invasion without hesitation.

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