Coldplay Are Bringing Abu Dhabi a Sky Full of Stars on New Year’s Eve

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Via Tumblr
Via Tumblr


Is today the best day of the year or what? In case you’ve been living under a rock lately, most Arabs got overly-excited when Coldplay played in Barcelona last May as part of their Head Full of Dreams world tour, and for some reason, many of us ended up there as it was the closest we’ll ever be to Chris Martin’s angelic voice.


Just yesterday, the world’s favorite band, just announced on Twitter that they will be covering Abu Dhabi’s sky with stars and it will be an adventure of a lifetime. If you are having second thoughts about going, I can personally guarantee as someone who has been blessed with the live experience, that it is hands down the most visually stunning event you will ever attend in your life.


 Tickets will be available on the 30th of November at Ticketmaster and Virgin Megastore. Tickets start at AED 325 for General Admission, AED 495 for Grandstand Seating and AED 695 for Fan Pit tickets. This is a must attend event.


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