Check out “My Wife’s Fiancé” the First Egyptian Movie With the Sign Language!

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In a huge step towards inclusion and integration of different sectors of the society in the cinema and entertainment industries, “My Wife’s Fiancé” movie is coming to life. The movie will be the first in Egypt to have two different versions; the second one will be entirely made with the sign language!

This will be the first feature film for the innovative Writer and Director, Ahmed Afifi, who managed to write and direct the movie. My Wife’s Fiancé will be a light romcom that tackles the challenges and obstacles faced by people of special abilities in society. Here’s the commercial poster of the movie with its two versions.


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الأفيش الدعائي التشويقي الاول لفيلم (خطيب مراتي) بنسختيه الناطقة ونسخة لغة الإشارة (خطيب مراتي)اول فيلم سينمائي من نسختين الأولي ناطقة بطولة ممثلين محترفين و الآخري بلغة الإشارة بطولة ممثلين من الصم وضعاف السمع First movie (my wife fiancé ) done in two copies one with professional actors and the other one with deaf And hard hearing actors in deaf langage Premier film cinematographique ( le fiancé de ma femme ) produit en Deux copies , la première avec des acteurs professionnels et la deuxième avec des acteurs sourds et malentendants dans le langage des signes #cinema #cinematic #cine #deaf #deafcommunity #movies

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The movie is produced by Khaled Youssef and features a considerable number of stars. The talking version will feature Ahmed Saad, Reem El Baroudy, and Mohamed Kareem. While the sign language version will feature Mohamed Tarek, Mostafa Hashem, and Hagar Gamal.

WE SAID THIS: We’re super excited to see the movie come to life.