Bistro No.10: Maadi’s Newest Restaurant Will Ruin All Other Sandwiches and Salads for You

The never-ending quest to search for hidden food gems is what we really live for. What’s better than trying out new places in hopes of finding something unique? Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to find restaurants that have something different and delicious to offer, like that time we discovered this itsy bitsy restaurant that is hidden in Maadi.


As a dedicated food junkie from Maadi, I was surprised of the fact that I haven’t stumbled upon Bistro No. 10 before. Located just next to The Grand Mall, the eatery is chill, green and cozy.


Albeit, the menu seems simple because it’s flooded with salads and sandwiches, but don’t get fooled — it definitely isn’t. I was lucky to have met the founders, Khalid Khalil and Alaa Sharshar, who helped me how to navigate the menu. However, the staff there is just as helpful and will provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the goodies you’re about to delve in.


For salads, we ordered the Thai Zoodles, Chevre and Vegan-Apple Slaw. When it came to sandwiches, we went for the Cafe De Paris and The Brie!


In all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of salads, but the Chevre was something else. The fusion of the flavors was amazing, and I late came to find out that the salad was made using Makar Farms’ organic greens which were topped with dried figs, walnuts and creamy goat labneh. It’s also drizzled with a sweet and sour fig-balsamic vinaigrette — yum was an understatement. The Thai Zoodles, one the other hand, were a revelation. After tasting them, I have decided to abandon the normal noodles life, and just switch to zoodles.


When it came to the sandwiches, the Cafe De Paris and the Brie reigned supreme! Bistro No.10’s usage of sauce in the Cafe De Paris will totally redefine how you eat fillet sandwiches. The Brie will basically be heaven to any cheese addict out there such as myself. The portions of the sandwiches may seem a bit small for some, so you should definitely mass order if you believe size matters.



WE SAID THIS: Fresh, organic and clean — that’s what Bistro No. 10 is all about.