Arabs Share Their Bizarre Food Combo Fetishes

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By Sarah Alblowi

WARNING! If you’re hungry, this might kill your appetite. We all have our favorite condiment or dish; an innocent plate of mac and cheese or a controversial extra splash of ketchup? People want to add their odd twists and turns on everything and anything edible. Although some swear by their genius food combos, I arguably say sometimes it’s a food crime, so you be the judge!

Molokhia and Mayo

An Egyptian classic gone wrong? I had someone swear on their life it’s the best, I clearly don’t agree. The texture, the smell, it doesn’t mix. 

Ice Cream and Ketchup 

If you thought kids eating ketchup on eggs is weird, it gets worse, folks. Out of all the chocolate, caramel, and berry sauces, sprinkles, and topping bars, why ketchup?

Halawa and Melons with Tea


Everyone agrees that watermelon and feta cheese is a dreamy summer snack. But some of us decided melons needed love too. Diabetes in a bite snack no bueno, but wait, there’s hot tea on the side.

PB and Jelly with Cheddar

I swear by this! The childhood favorite gets boring after endless lunch boxes. Sweet and earthy, you need something salty too, this is where the cheese comes in bouncing off the sweetness of the jam.

Indomie and Yogurt 

Not any Indoomie! It has to be the white one with soy sauce. After stir-frying the noodles mix in the yogourt. Don’t make the noodles too soupy though. Tried and approved, this will change your life!

Eggs and Bananas Sandwich

Keep in mind and heart, this is surprisingly good. I grew up eating this sweet combo in a pan-fried bread or pastry. It’s popular in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Asia. You can remake the combo with a white tortilla quesadilla style, a puff pastry, or toast. 

Ice Cream with Fries


Sundae or an Oreo McFlurry! Ever found yourself on a McDonald’s drive-through getting fries thinking it just isn’t enough? This is where this sweet-salty combo kicks in. It’s fatty, and most importantly, worth the try. 

Kettle Chips and Nutella 

I’m sure Nutella lovers don’t mind this, they would eat Nutella covered spiders. I’m not mad at this combo, crispy salty chips just bring out that extra crunch.

Eggs with Dates

Being Saudi, I had many date combos with goat cheese, bacon, nuts, but never with eggs. The combo is quite popular in Iraq, Oman, and even some parts of Egypt!

Koshary and Tuna

People often say Koshary is full of carbs, but guess what? We’re bringing you protein into the mix now. There are Koshary spots around downtown Cairo that sell the tuna madness along with other meaty options. 

Vine Leaves and Indomie

This is a must try for me. Can you imagine the sweet and sour taste flavor from lemons and pomegranates in vine leaves over noodles? If you like sweet and sour chicken, you understand where I’m coming from. 

WE SAID THIS: You never know until you try!