How 10 Women Rated Typical Egyptian Men’s Hairstyles

Men can hide the fact that they are obsessed with their hair as much as they want, but we all know they look at the mirror just as much as women do, maybe less but still often. A hairstyle is a persona. It shows the world how fashion forward men allow themselves to be, their cultural background and you can even guess if they listen to Oka w Ortega, Tamer Hosny, Amr Diab or Pink Floyd.

We decided to do men a favor by showing them what 10 random Egyptian women really think of when they see these 10 classic Cairene hairdos.



The Salt And Pepper Look 



Every woman surveyed seemed to be pretty impressed by young men with silver hair. It gave them a sense of sophistication, maturity and sensuality. A young man with salt and pepper hair turns out to be a hidden grey gem. This style garnered an impressive four out of five scoops.



Bleached Hair



Not a single woman agreed to grace the bleached hair with even one tiny scoop. They all believed it depicts cheapness, vulgarity and screams, “Look at me!” Well, they will be looking, but it’ll be more of a death glare with laser beams so he disappears.



The Afro



This is a hairstyle that everyone disagreed on. Every woman had the same comment: It depends who the guy is and how he is pulling off the look. So basically, if you leave your hair to grow without maintenance, that’s generally a big no-no. The Afro was not one of the ladies’ favorites and only received 2.5 out of five scoops.



The Man Bun



No surprise here guys, women adore the bun. Only one out of 10 women disagreed, but otherwise everyone cheered for it, giving it an average of 4.5 out five. Yet there is a catch: This style comes with the “bad boy” vibe, the one that tells you, “I’m an artist, a free spirit and I might not be around tomorrow”, which leaves women wary around the wrapped up strands.



The Side Buzz



This is the haircut men choose when they are too shy around fashion and think that a stylish look might affect how masculine other men perceive him. This cut is a safe place for men to look good, but not vain. Women agree, the side buzz depicts a subtle sense of style and it looks good on almost everyone, with a four out of five rating.



The Bald Vin Diesel Look AKA Zalabatta



Another haircut that oozes strength, sexuality and manhood. A bald man is one with no time to waste on nonsense. Whether he wasn’t blessed in the hair quantity department or he chooses to shave it all off just because he can, women seemed to like the Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis look and blessed it with an average of three out five scoops.



The Air Brushed Style



Can Lebanese hair stylists please stop air brushing Egyptian contestants’ hair in talent shows? It feels like any makeover for a celebrity-worthy look involves air brushing men. It is awful. One scoop was more than enough.



The Side Part (No, we don’t mean like Justin Bieber)



Only two girls did not conceive this as a nerd alert. It is a classic 70s and 80s look. Our parents would usually be seen working it, but millennial kids should stay away if they care about having a normal social life.



Corporate Chic



Not everyone had the hots for a sexy CEO with a full, slicked back head of hair, but the ones who did gave full scores. A man over 35 who hasn’t lost his hair yet was a dream come true to 60% of our voters. Freshly trimmed and neat, the corporate look nailed three out five scoops.



The Messed Up Morning Bed Hair



A 3.5 out of five haircut that screams sex, mood swings, Rock n’ Roll and mind games.  Women either absolutely love it or entirely loathe it. There is no in-between when it comes to long, messy hair. This is a very tricky hairstyle. Only a few chosen ones have what it takes to pull it off.



WE SAID THIS: The ratings have showed us that if you want to please your woman, tie your hair into a bun, shave the sides of your head or fake a salt-and-pepper color!