Arabic Easter Eggs Decoration Ideas

Sarah Alblowi

No more plain old dyed Easter eggs here. We’re tired of the basic annual rundown of sloppy painted or dip-dyed eggs and we’re dying for these Middle Eastern-inspired eggs. Super easy and inexpensive, these unique ideas need simple art and crafts skills. Your creativity is the main component when it comes to these cute Easter eggs. Grab an egg carton and some paint and get crackin’! 

Simple “Happy Easter” in a fancy Arabic font

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Is this every Arab family ever?

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Camel Easter eggs, anyone? Bet you didn’t see this one coming!


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We all know someone in our family with a crazy mustache or hair like this

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Tanoura show-inspired

Via Alangoo

Calligraphy at its finest!

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Arabic tiles beauties

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WE SAID THIS: How cute are those camel Easter eggs?