Anna Wintour The Fashion Goddess

Who is the most powerful woman in the world? It’s not Hilary or Michelle, not even Shiekha Mouza.

It’s Anna Wintour editor in chief of Vogue USA and The artistic director of Conde Naste Publishing. This woman has probably decided what you’re wearing right now.

We’ve all watched the ultimate fashion movie “The devil wears Prada”; the character played by Meryl Streep “Miranda” is actually real; however it takes place in a little magazine that goes by the name of Vogue. The Author of the novel was a former assistant to Anna in real life.

The woman has been shaping the fashion industry since forever.

It all started in the early 70’s in the UK, when she was just a young English girl who decided to enter the fashion industry. While working as a fashion editor in many magazines starting Harper’s Bazaar, she was climbed her way up, until she managed to land a job in Vogue New York and the magic started on November 1988.

Her personal style has changed from a brunette in the 70’s to a blonde in the 80’s and 90’s. Younger Anna used to dress in designer jeans and chic T-shirts; her many fashion risks included red coats and red boots. Currently older Anna’s her signature pageboy short bob, oversized sunglasses and channel suits, is what you’ll most likely see her in.

Her normal life is shown in the documentary “The September issue”; where she is followed around by cameras, while making the most important issue of Vogue in the year. The documentary gives us little insight into her personal life. Her daughter is a lawyer who is not interested at all in fashion and her brother is a political editor in The Guardian. While in the professional life; nothing goes on without Anna’s approval. Anna isn’t scared to say phrases such as “someone needs to go easy on the cheeseburgers” and even subscribing some heavier friends to tennis classes to lose weight; word on the street is that there is a weight limit to people who can enter Anna’s empire.

Anna is one of the heighest paid women in the business, and most successful. She is one of the few people who was offered The Coco Chanel Suite at the Hotel Ritz Paris whenever she is staying there.

Vogue US has been named the new “phonebook” in size; however is criticized for the amount of ads it has, usually more than the actual editorials and articles. The magazine lead by Anna is a trend setter even for other Vogue editors in other countries.

All the designers have to showcase their new work to Anna to get her approval, at least the ones who matter and the ones who want to survive the business. Anna in her signature glasses can be always seen in the front rows of major fashion shows and on the red carpet of major events; Anna is also responsible for the Met Gala, the most important fashion event of the year. Her latest power usage was banning Kris Jenner (The Kardashian’s mother) from attending the Met gala, deciding who’s on the list and who’s not, while tolerating Kim for the sake of Kanye; she drew the line very clearly that no Kris Jenner will be at her A-List event.

Anna isn’t all hell and fury though. She is always in support of fresh talents and uses her power and connections that extend outside the business to help out with different charities. She was the reason behind the rise of John Galliano by introducing him to the Dior Fashion House. Marc Jacobs who she chose to dress Lady Gaga in the 2012 September issue, he owes her so much, for her support at his shows. Everybody loves to hate her; however she writes the fashion bible; that makes her a fashion God.

“Just because someone likes to put on a beautiful Carolina Herrera dress; doesn’t mean they’re dumb” – Anna Wintour

Anna refuses that woman in the fashion industry or who are stylish overall to be accused of being dumb or shallow. According to her; unique style intimidates others just because it gives you confidence. She thinks that fashion can make other people nervous; however she always knows that others respond well to people who know what they want and she always knows exactly what she wants.

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