Ahmed Amin’s Latest Orange Ad is Super Trending for all the Right Reasons

Via Orange

Once again, Orange’s newest ad is everywhere. Just when we thought that the buzz around Abou Hafiza’s “Shamar Yalla” is over, Orange struck once again with Ahmed Amin’s epic “La La” and we’re all here for it. Abo Hafiza’s Orange ad garnered around 28 million views on YouTube, and we definitely know why; the song is remarkably catchy and the video is simply hilarious … Oh and the fact that people are genuinely in love is Abo Hafiza.

In a similar manner, Orange is using the tune of their previous, and most trending, song and rode on its success for their latest ad in their newest campaign. The song is already everywhere, and people loved this new “orange” twist with Ahmed Amin. So, don’t be surprised when you see your social media timelines flooded with it.

WE SAID THIS: Kudos for the epic choice of songs!