Activists Demand Gaza Med Staff For Nobel Peace Prize 2024

According to Euro-Med December reports, 267 medical workers in Gaza have been martyred in the ongoing genocide. Doctors, paramedics, ambulance drivers, and every health worker in Gaza are now put under unprecedented pressure and an extreme lack of resources. Their impressed endurance inspired activists around the globe to demand the 2024 Nobel Prize Award.

On top of these activists is the French parliamentary and current leader of La France Insoumise political party, Thomas Portes, who wrote on X, “Israeli war criminals are massacring the Palestinian people.” In the same post, he also urged people to sign the petition on


Now, over 79,000 have signed the petition that’s urging people to put aside political and religious disputes in favor of connecting with fellow humans who deserve respect worldwide.

This petition isn’t only another way for the world to show solidarity with Palestine. It also serves as a reminder, especially a few months from now during the Nobel Prize Awards in October, to see if it’ll honor the names of people from Gaza — not only health workers but journalists, artists, and authors who lived through one of the horrible moments in the history of mankind.

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