A Scoop of Mosalsalat: ‘Regalet El Beet’ Cast Apologizes for the Series Amid Fans’ Criticism

This year’s Ramadan series race is full of super exciting projects from different genres. Comedy plays a huge part in this year’s projects, as we have different comedy series like ‘Etneen Fel Sando2’, ‘Omar w Diab’, and everyone’s favorite ‘B 100 Wesh’. However, one series that people were very excited to see and showed a lot of promise because of the cast and their previous projects is ‘Regalet El Beet’.

Ahmed Fahmy, Akram Hosny, and Bayomy Fouad are three of the biggest names in the comedy genre right now, and them coming together for this series made it on most of the people’s list this Ramadan season. However, the series fell short of expectations, and received a lot of negative criticism.

The superstar Ahmed Fahmy, Bayomy Fouad, and others from the series issued apologies for their fans for how the series went down. The stars promise their fans that their future projects will meet and exceed their expectations, and it could be argued that their credit far exceeds one bad project, as they have led some of the best comedy movies and series in the past decade.

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