A Professional Or A Beginner? Here Are The Best Cairo Horse Riding Schools For All Levels

Ever picture yourself galloping through a plain field? With your hair flying in the wind, jumping through picturesque saharas, horse riding in Egypt is a great sport to pick up, especially during the winter season. Fortunately, it won’t take you a long time to find spots for horse riding as Cairo is home to a host of equestrian schools. These schools provide classes for riders of all levels, also offering a great family day trip.

Happy Horse Academy

One of the most well-known horse riding schools in Cairo is Happy Horse Academy, which has branches in both Sakkara and New Cairo. The academy boasts a cozy and comfortable environment where you can go for an enjoyable ride with your friends and kids. According to a variety of feedback from visitors, the staff is quite welcoming and the instructors are extremely skilled and informed. When we spoke to Happy Horse Academy, they told us that they provide professional riding classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders. Emphasizing that this academy is a location where individuals can enjoy horseback riding and learn more about the sport, in addition to being a venue for those wishing to advance their equestrian talents. You can reach them by calling (+201143711242) or emailing (Happyhorse.academy@gmail.com).

Sultan Farmland

Sultan Farmland, located just after Saqqara Country Club, is a horse riding academy catering to all levels. What makes it unique is that it’s a family-friendly place that offers various types of games for kids and oriental breakfast for those looking to have a day out with their loved ones. They charge 200EGP per person, and they shared that they offer unique horse riding for beginners and professionals. If you go as a group, you might get special offers and you can reach them at (+20 106 1113111).

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Laila Oasis Arabians

Located in Abu Sir, Al Badrashin, Laila Oasis Arabians mainly target individuals who are looking for some fun time while riding horses and discovering the beauty of Saqqara. The trainers there will look out after you from start to finish and the horses there are happy. The rides there are quite adventurous as you go into the desert. You’ll have fun and get to see the pyramids, one of Egypt’s biggest historic landmarks. You can get in touch to know more through their email (laila.oasis@gmail.com) and phone number (0123 3587724).

Cairo Horse Riding School

This is a place where you can learn to become a pro and learn all the jumps and tricks. Cairo Horse Riding School is located at Sakkara road next to the Abu sir pyramids and offers professional classes that include jumping and dressage. These types of classes are offered for both children and adults and they organize desert trips to the pyramids. You can reach them on their phone number (01207362425) and email (cairohorseridingschoolegypt@gmail.com).

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Tal3t Kheal

Tal3t Kheal is located in Sakkara and offers trips to Fayoum, Damietta, Dahab, and Black & White Dessert. It is a place that curates magical experiences with horses for all levels. Their slogan “it’s amazing what a horse can do to your soul,” is proof of their emphasis on the well-being of their horses and the deeper connection that can be created between a horse and a human being. They charge 350EGP per person and their Fayoum trips are one of their most popular services. There, they provide you with a breathtaking horse ride on the beach accompanied by a lunch with a magnificent view.

So whether you’re an expert or a beginner, each of these places will offer you the chance to explore horse riding and perhaps develop a deeper connection with the horse. These places also are fun for a family day out as you’ll find other activities such as camel riding, oriental meals, and several other games for kids.

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