A Bike Ride A Day: Why This Pandemic is the Perfect Time to Start Cycling

It’s very hard to keep in shape during the lockdown; all the gyms are closed, our movement is limited, and some of us are stress eating most of the time. Running in the streets might leave you with the risk of knee injury (first-hand experience). So a great way to stay in shape is to turn to cycling.

According to Cycling Weekly, cycling burns calories, between 400 and 1000 an hour, depending on intensity and rider weight. It’s not only good for burning calories, but it’s also good for building muscles, improving lung health, and strengthening the immune system.

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While staying at home might make you feel down, taking a daily ride will improve your mental well-being. You can do so without needing to touch anything or get close to anyone. And in normal times, cycling is a very social sport that to some extent revolves around cycling club cultures.

Investing in a bike will give you the opportunity to commute to nearby places without having to get into public transportation and risk getting infected, and guess what, you won’t be contributing to carbon emissions by cars, buses, and other means of transportation.

The tricky thing about getting a bicycle is getting the right one for you. There are endless options for bikes to buy, different brands, types, and price ranges. You’ll need to do some quick research on whether it’ll be more suitable for you to ride a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid bike, or even a fat bike (there is no best type, each has its own pros and cons). You’ll also need to get a bike that is suitable for your height and makes you comfortable while riding.

When I first thought about buying a bicycle, I thought that the options were limited and that I had to choose between two stores, and this proved to be wrong after 5 minutes of research. Most big sports shops sell bicycles, and there are big retail brands that specialize in them like Abou El Goukh and Besceletta. And if you don’t have a store near you, or you’re afraid that it might be crowded to go there and risk getting infected, you can order your bicycle online Souq, Jumia, or pages that sell and delivers bicycles online like Masabike or 3agaltak.

Before you take your first ride, make sure you check out some guides and tips online to help stay safe and maintain your bike. Also don’t forget to wear your helmet, sanitize the bike before using it, don’t get too close to anyone, and watch out for the cars if you’re riding in an open road.

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