A 3 Day Indian Wedding Extravaganza Took Place At Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh

Bright multi-coloured saris and rose petals glittering the air are some of the typical scenes to expect at any elaborate Indian wedding. The rich multi day festivity made its way to Sharm El Sheikh with 367 guests having already arrived at Egypt’s top tourist destination. The guests received quite the reception with huge water jets getting splashed across their plane as it slowly landed onto the tarmac while at the airport, flowers were presented to the passengers amid musical performances.

The entire 3-day wedding party took place at one of Sharm El Sheikh’s top resorts and following the celebrations, the bride and groom extended their stay to celebrate their honeymoon at the resort town. With a destination like Sharm El Sheikh, the couple had many ways to enjoy their honeymoon whether by getting adventurous and hiking across the rocky terrain of Mt. Sinai or diving among the Red Sea’s rich marine life. For a more relaxing experience, they could also venture out on a romantic escapade along the desert and camp under the stars at Ras Mohamed National Park.

Wedding tourism is nothing new in Egypt as many Arabs have flocked to the country to celebrate their nuptials but there was a time when the country fell off the list of preferred wedding destinations. With the pandemic followed by the Russia Ukraine Crisis, the country saw a massive drop in tourist numbers, casting a shadow on Egyptian tourism. Today, post-pandemic, tourism began to pick up with over 49 wedding agencies picking Egypt as their host. The country is looking to revive wedding tourism and re-position itself as a prime wedding destination by kicking off the year with its very own multi day Indian wedding celebration.

The ongoing slew of events getting hosted at Sharm El Sheikh including festive weddings as well full-fledged global conferences including COP27 will continue to place a lens on Sharm El Sheikh as a thriving touristic destination home to untapped nature, a rich history and bustling night life.

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