9 Reasons Why Pisces Make Wonderful Partners

It’s the season for Pisces, those lovely late-February to late-March beings who will always hold special places in our hearts.

Pisces is a water sign, which makes them generally intuitive and caring. And if you’re lucky enough to land a fishie, hold on to them, because the bond you’ll have with them will forever be special.



1. They’re romantics



Fishies are known for being hopeless romantics, always on the lookout for The One and believing wholeheartedly in the ideal of True Love. Of course, this world view can have its pitfalls, especially when relationships turn out to be less than perfect. But with a Pisces as a partner, you can bet that they’ll make grand romantic gestures that seem like they’re straight out of a rom-com, like flying across oceans just to see you.



2. They’re creative



No matter what their line of work, Pisces are creative creatures. They’ll put extra thought into every gift and make special occasions unforgettable with their imaginative touch. A Pisces will write a song for you, make a painting for you, and throw a detailed Game of Thrones-themed birthday party for you because it’s your favorite show.



3. They’re charming



Fishies are generous, nurturing and appreciative, which means that you’ll be captivated in no time. And your friends and family will fall for them, too!



4. They’re sensitive



Sometimes, Pisces can be overly sensitive to the point that it’s detrimental, but sensitivity can be a positive trait as well. They easily pick up on subtle social cues and can read your mood without you having to say a word, and the smallest gesture from you can brighten up their day.



5. They’re adaptable



As a water sign, Pisces adapt well to various social situations and circles of people. You can take a fishie anywhere, from an outing with your school friends to a work function to a family gathering to even moving to another country, and you can feel comfortable that they’ll fit in and find some aspect of the experience that they’ll like.



6. They’re sociable



Pisces are also sociable, which goes hand in hand with them being sensitive and adaptable. When they’re in a good mood, they’re great at carrying conversations and interacting with people, and if you’re the opposite, they’ve got the charisma and tact to make you feel included.



7. They’re devoted



Once a Pisces falls in love with you, they won’t easily give up on you or the relationship. They’ll think of your wants and needs without you demanding it and they’ll do their best to make you happy because they’re committed to being with you.



8. They’re dreamers



Often, Pisces have their head in the clouds. They tend to see the best in people, and with their imaginations, predilection for fantasy, escapist tendencies and love for the quirky and unconventional, there won’t be many dull moments with fishies.



9. They’re compassionate



Pisces are kind, polite and considerate. They’re always willing to help out when they can and they are great listeners. They forgive easily and even if they disagree with you, they’ll be understanding to your intentions and point of view.



WE SAID THIS: Happy Birthday to all the Pisces out there!

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