7 Times Egyptians Got Carried Away When Showing Their Love to Mo Salah!

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Loving football superstar, Mohamed Salah, is just inevitable no matter where you come from. So imagine if you’re Egyptian! The word love on its own is just not enough for the poor guy; Egyptians love hard! This past year, Salah has turned into a national hero and he truly deserves every bit of love and appreciation. However, there were times when the people of his homeland have taken this to a whole new level. We can say that some people got carried away, just a little bit…

Like when they named dates after him

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And had him on Ramadan lanterns

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And on those!

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They even had Salah bed comforter sets

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He even got his carved on a watermelon

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Meanwhile, brides stood in line even though he’s married

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Then he finally got a pop song all for him

WE SAID THIS: We love you Salah!