7 Things Egyptian Fashion Shows Need to Consider When Planning an Event

via International Business Times
via International Business Times


I love fashion and everything that’s fashion related. It’s somewhat therapeutic to me – even though I look a homeless junkie most of the time.


Being and Egyptian that is living in Egypt, I’m very glad that the fashion scene in Egypt is expanding and every day we hear of a new name and see new talents. The Egyptian fashion scene, however, has a major downfall: fashion events.


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There’s at least one fashion event a month, and we rarely attend or hear about an actual good event. With the new season starting soon, and we’ll be seeing some of the biggest fashion events, we decided to make a list of things fashion events should consider while planning for their next events.



Invest in security guards and bouncers


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While we appreciate the effort of all the ushers and organizers who stand on the gates, we just don’t think they’re capable of crowd control.


The majority of us are in heels, wearing short dresses in the cold, and can’t be bothered to wait for 10 minutes for the 19-year-old usher to find out if the person ahead of us is invited or not. More importantly, when fights break, the venues’ security guards usually disappear because they aren’t getting paid for this.



If the event is “invites only,” keep it invites only


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There’s always the guy on the door who lets the pretty girls in without invitations or gives his “bros” free access. Please fire these guys and just stick to the number of invitations!



If there’s a red carpet, have another door for entrance


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I’m only here to see the fashion, and I don’t care for the red carpet. I just want to go in and not have to wait an hour till Abla El-Fashionista is feeling herself and having a photo op.



Now for the catwalk, pick models that can walk in heels


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Again, I’m here to see the fashion, not to sit on pins and needles to see if this model will fall because she can’t walk in heels or not.



PLEASE train the models for the catwalk, or at least rehearse


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I worked as a fashion photographer for a while, and have been to many fashion shows’ backstage, and you’ll be surprised or terrified to find out that so many models walk the runway for the first time during the actual show.


This is why the models are always confused on the runway and aren’t in sync. They literally have no idea what they’re doing.



Maybe at least have a fitting done before the show?


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I just want to attend a fashion show without feeling like I should take my shawl and cover the poor model whose behind and/or chest are hanging out because they didn’t fit her. Let’s not forget the neon bras that show from the dresses. Seriously guys, FIT THE MODELS PROPERLY BEFORE WE SEE THEM!



Last but not least, make sure the “DJ” knows what he’s doing


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No one wants to watch a bridal runway with Kanye rapping at the back, and differently, no one wants to watch a show with the music disappearing mid-show, and hear the DJ cuss the A-number seven-a word with the mic on. Yes, this happened. It’s a true story.



WE SAID THIS: Take note, you guys!