7 Egyptian Designers Dressing the Stars

The fashion industry has been booming in the past few years in Egypt. Many young and promising fashion designers have led the way in festivals, occasions, and grand ceremonies by dressing some of our favorite celebrities on red carpets and glamming them up for huge events. While some have climbed the ladder of fame very quickly, many others surprised us during the last El Gouna Film Festival (GFF) 2020. In no time, these designers are now competing with international designers.

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Mohanad Kojak is one unique fashion icon. His pieces are a true work of art because they’re not just pretty, each piece tells a story. He also doesn’t care about gender roles, which is definitely a plus. And the thing we love the most about Kojak is that he stuns everyone with bold styles and outfits, without concerning himself with people’s gossip about it.

Norine Farah

This Alexandrian fashion designer is a true celebration of diversity. Her designs are elegant and not traditional. She gets inspired by the fabric, the color, and pattern, and accordingly does her magic.

Malak El Ezzawy

This GFF season was a celebration of Malak El Ezzawy’s designs. She dressed many celebrities, and yet, each dress was completely different than the other. Her designs are a true definition of elegance, and were featured on some of the biggest magazine covers in the region.

Soha Murad

Soha Murad is another fashion designer who turned heads at the last GFF and even the previous editions. Murad works on each piece as a separate project, which helps her in creating unique pieces for her clients. She repeatedly designed dresses for Injy El Mokaddem and Ola Roshdy.

Sara Onsi

Sara Onsi is one of the young Egyptian fashion designers who truly stand out. In a very short period of time, her name became an icon for glamorous gowns, as well as trendy and stylish dresses. And to top it all, her bridal wear is absolutely flawless; the wedding dresses make every single woman dream about her wedding.

Deana Shaaban

If you’re a fan of simple designs and effortlessly beautiful gowns, then Deana is your go-to. She picks specific colors and blends them together in a non-traditional way, giving her a special style that definitely stands out in a crowd. We absolutely love the dresses she designs for Tara Emad.


Egyptian designer Hana Othman is the mastermind behind Zahan; the brand that recently took the Egyptian fashion industry by storm. Last year, she was the first Egyptian designer to participate at the St. Petersburg Fashion Week in Russia, where she presented a collection of children’s Haute Couture show for weddings and special occasions. So you can match your dress with your daughter’s dress!

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