5 Of The Wildest Crimes From Around The Middle East

As in every other part of the world, the Middle East region has witnessed dark crimes involving serial killers serving as a reminder that evil does exist. We have compiled five of the craziest crimes perpetrated by some well-known and notorious serial murderers from the Middle East.

Sana’a University killings

Mohammed Adam Omar, also known as The Sana’a Ripper terrified students in Sana’a University for quite some time. He was a mortuary attendant at Sana’a University in Yemen and ended up murdering 16 women there. He used the pretence of assisting the women, who were all medical students, in their studies to woo them. The former boxer killed them with his bare hands once they were in the mortuary. He severed their hands and feet before dousing them in poison. He interred the corpses but retained the bones as souvenirs according to Listverse.

The Taxi Killings

In Lebanon’s Metn neighborhood, brothers George and Michel Tanielian killed 11 people, primarily taxi drivers, earning them the moniker “The Taxi Driver Killers.” When they got into cabs at night, Michel would sit in the back and George would sit up front next to the driver. George would instruct the driver to pull over once they arrived in a remote area so that he could use the restroom. Michel would shoot the driver in the head as soon as he pulled over and George started to get out. Then they would plunder the deceased and set fire to the vehicle according to Stepfeed. On occasion, they would leave the body by the side of the road and use the cab to transport additional victims they had also robbed and killed.

Journalists & Serial Killers

According to Listverse, Bilal Musa and Susan Ibrahim are accused of killing 12 persons in Jordan between 1994 and 1998. They lured unaware victims into their home, where they raped and murdered them by pretending to be journalists and salesmen. After their plan was uncovered in 1998, Bilal and Susan both escaped to Libya, but they were apprehended and sent back to Jordan. For seven of the twelve killings, Bilal received the death penalty, and for the robberies, he was given a life sentence with hard labor. Found guilty, his wife was sentenced to death for one of the killings, but that sentence was eventually changed to life in prison.

Via Herald

Doctor Death’s Killings

43 people were murdered by Louay “Doctor Death” Al-Taei in a hospital in Kirkuk, Iraq, over six months from October 2005. His victims were all soldiers and police officers from Iraq who were taken to the hospital for treatment according to Listverse. By turning off their ventilators, cutting off the power to operating rooms, reopening their wounds, or injecting them with lethal medications, he was able to murder them.

Young boys targeted by “Al-Tourbini”

Gang leader Ramadan Abdel Rehim Mansour (1980–2010), also known as “Al-Tourbini”, raped and killed at least 32 children over seven years with the assistance of his gang members. The majority of his victims were young boys between the ages of 10 and 14. According to Stepfeed, some of his victims were either tossed into the Nile or buried alive. After being detained in 2006, Mansour allegedly stated that a female jinn had “possessed” him and given him orders to perform the crimes. In 2010, he was given the death penalty and put to death.

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It is really quite frightening, and more significantly, the reason why those murderers committed such heinous atrocities still remains one of life’s great mysteries.

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