Cairo Festival City Launches the Final Phase of Its Festival Living and We Can’t Be More Excited!


Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the past few years, you’d probably be aware that Cairo Festival City (CFC) is more than an entertainment hub! CFC is basically a mini-city bringing together all sorts of amenities that can ever cross your mind. It’s a fully-fledged community that brings everything closer to its people, and by the community, we mean a residential area!


CFC has several residential areas including Festival Living Apartments; CFC just made an official statement that future residents have already started receiving their keys. However, since the facility is almost complete. There’s one more block remaining as the last phase of Festival Living! That being said, future buyers need to hurry up as the number of units is pretty limited.

There, you’ll find commercial office buildings, IKEA, Homeworks, Kidzania, and Cairo Festival City Mall with all its various services including shopping stores, the movie theatre, a dining area, and more. But don’t you think that would make a perfect neighborhood to live in? Well, you’re right, and CFC did not miss that thought!


An apartment at Festival Living is basically a dream house that CFC has turned into a reality for many. Not just because of its prime location amidst all the previously mentioned amenities, but because it brings its residents the comfort of a contemporary living space. Be it the brightly lit and well-ventilated apartments, or the sleek architecture, heavenly landscape, and of course, the secure gated community. Security of the complex was CFC’s number one priority so it was not an option to be compromised.

Moreover, apartments delivered will be fully furnished with central AC! No just that, but the facilities will actually have a 24-hour maintenance service. Wait, there’s more! CFC is planning on having a sports club as well as 5-star lavish hotel, all within minutes from Festival Living! Oh, did we mention that there’s a school too?

WE SAID THIS: WARNING: Supply is limited!