16 Types of People You See at the Movies in Egypt

Going to the movies is one of the most popular activities that people like to do, but it can also be one of the most annoying and horrifying experiences of your life.




Unless you live in a mansion in Beverly Hills and have your own indoor movie theater, you never know what to expect from the people that will be joining you in the two-or-more-hour experience you’re about to embark on.

So here’s a list of 16 people that you will always see at the movies in Egypt:




1. The Spoiler Alert




They’ve already seen the movie 12 times and will tell you everything about what’s going to happen and ruin the movie for you just because they can!




2. The Raghay




You can barely hear the movie because they just won’t shut up!




3. The Fan Girl




She doesn’t even know what the movie is about and she doesn’t even care, she’s just there because her favorite actor is making a cameo in the movie.




4. The Geek




He’s seen all the sequels, prequels, adaptations and spin-offs, owns all the merchandise of the movie and shows up dressed as one of the characters.




5. The Hopeless Romantic




She obsesses about every single guy that appears in the movie and imagines how they will end up together, living happily ever after.




6. The Couple




They’re on a date and the guy is missing the entire movie because he’s thinking about the perfect time to make a move.




7. The Call Center




This person is apparently very VERY important that they have to make 29 phone calls while the movie is playing.




8. The Information Desk




They are non-stop trivia: “Who’s he?” “Is he in love with her?” “Who’s that again?” “Is he going to die?” “Is that the guy from Titanic?”




9. The Babysitter


giphy (1)


She thought it would be a good idea to bring her baby to the movies and have everyone enjoy the baby’s crying orchestra.




10. The Crying Machine




She treats every movie like a Nicholas Sparks movie.




11. The Laughing Machine




They laugh at literally EVERYTHING and anything, even if it’s a Woody Allen comedy.




12. The Unfashionably Late




They show up late to the movie and miss most of the storyline, so they end up being confused for the rest of the movie.




13. The Annoying Bladder


giphy (2)


They will get in and out of their seat 18 times, disrupting the entire theather to go to the bathroom.




14. The Pirate Bay




He tries to record the entire movie in the sneakiest way possible to upload it later on the interwebz. This has since cut down due to ISP’s banning torrent and streaming sites (or at least trying to) viewers of such sites can still gain access with the use of proxies, for example, you can find the best Pirate Bay proxies here!




15. The PDA Couple




They sit in the back and have no idea what movie is playing. They’re just there to “express some emotions” …physically.




16. The Lebb Guy




He passes by the me2la and buys a mixture of lebb and sodany before going to the movies and by the end of the movie, he ends up sitting on a huge hill of 2eshr.




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