15 Wardrobe Basics Must Haves

Ladies, most of us are shopping addicts and we have to admit that when shopping, we always get attached to trends, because statement pieces somehow manage to look extra amazing on the mannequin. When you go home and you don’t feel like you have anything to match with your new statement piece, it just doesn’t look that awesome, so that pricey item gets so little use. It’s not a problem with the piece, it’s just that your wardrobe can’t handle so many statements with no basics. Here are the top 15 basics that every stylish lady needs to own.


plainwhitetee1. Plain White tee

There’s been lots of emphasis on the white tee in street style pictures. Get something that actually fits you, not too big and not too tight. With different shapes, the plainer the better as it acts like a white canvas for your outfit. A plain white tee is to be worn over a nude bra to give the illusion of naked support. You can wear it with any statement jackets or blazers over jeans and you’ve got yourself a casual look. Jazz it up with a statement necklace. It can be paired with everything from funky skirts to leather leggings.






blackpantsarticle2. Black Pants

They might seem more like an office necessary, however they are very versatile. If you are a working girl then you will make a lot of use of this one. If not, then they can make any top look polished. Try to avoid extreme trends like high-waisted ones or capris – go with a classic straight leg with regular waist.









3. Dark Flats

We spend so much of our day in flats, so they deserves our attention. Flats that have too many colors or embellishments tend to limit your options when it comes to outfits and occasions. The most important would be black, dark grey, navy or dark brown – these dark colors go with lots of options. Choose between ballet flats and moccasins depending on your style.






4. Little Black Dress


Since Coco Chanel herself invented it, the LBD is a necessary piece. Coco was a genius to combine everything essential in a single piece of clothing. The little black dress can suit almost any occasion. Get something timeless that suits your body shape. I wouldn’t recommend peplums, ruffles or embroidery. You want to keep it as minimal as you can, that way you can pair it with flats and a blazer for a morning look, then add a statement necklace and pumps for a night look.




5. White Shirt

A crisp white button up is not just limited to the office. The difference between this and a white tee is that the collared shirt adds a classic touch. Pair with a colorful A-line skirt for 50’s feminine chic or add leather pants and a fur vest for an edgy look – the possibilities are endless.








6. Black Pumps

Official yet sexy, black pumps are versatile. Winter or summer, office or party, short or tall, they can be worn anywhere by anybody and still be appropriate. You’ll have to choose between matte and patent leather or suede – go with what suits your style and looks good on your feet. For ladies with bigger feet who tend to be taller, I would recommend a round toe with maximum 10 cm heel.









7. Neutral Ankle Booties

A pair of ankle booties are perfect for fall and winter, while neutral colors such as brown, camel or grey make a good base for most outfits. Try to avoid studded boots or ones with sky scraping heels, go with shorter chunky heels or flat soles.






8. Boot Cut Regular Wash Jeans

Forget about the 80’s wash, low waist skinny, floor skimming jeans –  all of these trends fade and some of them are just wrong. Boot cut flatters any type of legs and booty and the regular blue original wash never goes out of style and goes with everything.










9. Black Blazer

Most of us get busy with buying statement dressy blazers and we sometimes forget about the plain, fitted black blazer. You can build so many outfits based on this piece, from pairing it with black pants for a business suit look to wearing it over a cocktail dress for a night out.









10. Trench Coat

Whenever I think of a trench coat, I think of Audrey Hepburn in her signature classic Burberry. Any outfit will assume a warm classy feeling when you throw a trench over it. The most popular colors are navy and camel – both go with most colors.







nudepumpsarticle11. Nude Pumps

The color of skin works best as a backup player for black in any piece. When it comes to pumps, nude has a bigger role. Any outfit that is over the top or has bold colors can be toned down with a pair of these pumps. Again the choices in toe style, fabric and heels are endless – just remember to go with the most basic.








12. Pencil Skirt

In the past, a black pencil skirt used to be associated strictly with “office”. But now we’re seeing many uses of pencil skirts in general. A pencil skirt instantly gives a feminine slim silhouette: tummy tucked in and legs showed off. Basic black is best to act as a stage for your outfit.








13. Big Black Bag


It’s a girls best friend. The more you stay outside your house, the more you’ll need to have inside your bag. A big black bag is practical and always in style. Choose matte leather as it’s easier to wear for many occasions and much easier to clean.


sweatercashmere14. Cashmere sweater

One of the best investments in your wardrobe is a cashmere sweater. Choose a practical color, such as black or white. If you can afford more than one, go with a crazy color like pink or green. Cashmere looks expensive and polished while keeping you warm.










15. Evening Clutch

If you’re a practical girl who has big purses that hold everything, you can’t drag these to formal occasions. An evening clutch is good for formal events, weddings and engagements. Choose the clutch depending on the colors of your evening dresses. If you have simple gowns, a clutch with lots of embellishments is your best friend.




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