Debunked: The 7 Myths About Online Dating In the Middle East

In the Middle East, online dating has been considered taboo, but with the rise of online dating apps, more people are eager to use them to meet their future wives/husbands. Like anything else in life, online dating is a double-edged sword; it can be used to both defraud and harass people, as well as to build meaningful connections for lost souls looking for their soulmates. Here are seven online dating myths that have plagued our cultures.

Online dating is just for finding hook-ups

While this myth may be somewhat accurate, online dating can provide you with more than just hook-ups. It can also help you meet new people with whom you can form good relationships. Also, you may specify what you’re searching for in your profile, which is one of the advantages of online dating. If you want to be in a serious relationship, online dating makes it easier to meet others who share your desires and are looking for the same thing.

Online dating is desperate

This is a ridiculous notion since many who use online dating aren’t desperate; they just haven’t met their match yet! This is a horrible misconception made up simply to humiliate and abuse online dating users who aren’t even desperate. One should never feel bad about looking for love online. It’s something that a lot of people do, and a lot of those individuals do find the love of their lives.

Couples who meet online don’t last

Another ludicrous myth that is untrue, as many people connect online and have lifelong relationships and families! This is a fallacy perpetuated by people who may have had a poor experience with online dating and hence invented this myth to discourage people from establishing meaningful connections online.

 You can’t trust people’s photos on dating apps

This is a bit accurate, however, there is an extreme that people need be aware of in order to avoid falling into this trap. While some people use online dating apps to defraud and catfish others, others use their real photos, which you can check out on this website that explains how to spot a scammer!

Men aren’t interested in women in their 30s

The fact that this myth has grown throughout various groups in the Arab world demonstrates that it is completely false, because you can modify the age group that you’re looking for on several dating apps, and men and women tend to choose their target age accordingly. Because most dating apps have an age limit of 80, we are confident that even if a man or woman is a little older, they will discover their soulmates regardless of their age because there isn’t a single concentration on one age category.

Photos are the best way to tell whether you’ll be attracted to someone

While there is some truth to this myth, appearance isn’t the main criterion by which people judge others. This is why there is a bio section where you may write more about yourself so that others can learn more about your passions and interests. Pictures are important, but they are not the only way to meet people. Beauty originates from within, and those who have noble intentions are the true heroes of the world!

 Dating apps are ruining traditional dating

As we progress in life, technology becomes an increasingly important component that we must embrace and learn to adapt to. As a result, it is critical to acknowledge that online dating has revolutionized many people’s lives by allowing people of all ages and social groups to meet and help lovers discover their soulmates!


Online dating is a new instrument that will assist many individuals in finding companions and establishing new healthy relationships. It can also be utilized to meet new individuals from other parts of the community and build friendships. As a result, we must be open to new ideas while still being careful and mindful of the potential consequences.

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