This Unbelievable Summer Wedding Package Will Get You to Propose to Your Other Half Now

Getting married in summer? A summer wedding might be a hassle but to make things less hassle-y for the ones tying their knot this summer, The Nile Ritz-Carlton has created ‘summer wedding package’ that will basically turn into every couple’s fantasy.


Via The Nile Ritz-Carlton


The Ritz-Carlton make sure their wedding planning experts have their hands on everything when it comes to special couple’s most important day of their life; making sure they meet all the couple’s expectations and more.


Via The Nile Ritz-Carlton


Weddings are held at their legendary Alf Leila wa Leila ballroom, which translates to a majestic ballroom, Instgrammable buffet, delicious drinks, a one in a lifetime day-use for the groom, special in-room dinner, a lavish three layers wedding cake, a decoration package for the ballroom as well as entertainment that also covers DJ, videography, photography and zaffa, and, of course, a luxury suite for the couple after the wedding.


Via The Nile Ritz-Carlton


Now this might all seem like a pretty decent deal, but let’s talk about the very big and probably expensive elephant in the room; how much will it all cost?


Via The Nile Ritz-Carlton


The summer wedding package costs — valid through the months of July and August 2017 — EGP 80,000 and it’s inclusive of all service charge and taxes for 100 guests.



WE SAID THIS: Sweet dreams are made of these packages. 


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