Abu Dhabi to Fight Crime with New Technological Smart Glasses

by Merna Atwa

Move over Batman, Abu Dhabi is about to fight crime in the most badass and innovative way there is, by introducing “smart glasses.”


Via Popsugar


Dubbed as one of the safest places to live in the entire world, Abu Dhabi are taking things to a whole new level with these technological specs. “The glasses use facial and iris recognition technology to catch criminals and find missing people,” first warrant Officer Adnan Al Hammadi, from the IT department, told Khaleej Times.


Via Popsugar


The smart glasses basically use eyes and facial recognition software to automatically scan hundreds of faces within any crowd. The device is no bigger than regular motorcycle goggles, but it has specialized processors which form a superfast mini brain, that is faster than the traditional search technology.



WE SAID THIS: Science, b****.


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