10 Photos To Remind You How Beautiful Egypt Is

We wake up every morning bombarded by crappy news, from bombs being defused in the metro station, to protests, traffic, and the list goes on.

But sometimes all it takes is looking around or traveling to one’s local destinations to remember how blessed we are to be living in a country that has a little bit of everything.

Here are 10 photos to remind you how beautiful Egypt really is:

Nile Sunset

Sunrise in Asyut (Nour El Refai)

Noor Masjed , abbasia , Cairo

Noor Masjed, Abbasia, Cairo (Mohamed Salam Korayem)

Shali Siwa Oasis

Shali – Siwa Oasis

Alexandria by night

Alexandria by night

Baron Palace - Heliopolis

Baron Palace, Heliopolis, Cairo

Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili, Cairo

Tangerine Seller in Egypt's rain
Tangerine seller in Egypt’s rain


Egypt’s Nile basin


Sharm El Sheikh

Taba & the Night Sky

Taba and the night sky


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