Will Macau Ever Overtake Vegas as the World’s Favourite Gambling Destination?

When you think about traveling somewhere for a break that includes gambling, it doesn’t matter whether you are from the USA, in Europe or somewhere else around the world, the first place you will automatically think of is Las Vegas.

This has been the heart of gambling for many years now, with visitors continuing to flock there from all over the world to play inside the many fantastic state-of-the-art casinos that they have. However, are we starting to see the beginning of the end as far as the appeal of Vegas goes? Other destinations around the world are staking their claim to gambling lovers, and with more and more US states changing their laws to allow gambling, will the draw of gambling in Las Vegas go away?

Macau Threatens to Steal the Crown from Vegas

Macau in Southern China is part of the most densely populated part of the world, and soon we could see even more people arriving to take part in gambling. Since making gambling legal in the 1850s, Macau has been a hub and described as the gambling capital of the world.

Recent figures show that it has overtaken the Las Vegas gambling strip in terms of the revenue made from gambling, and with more and more foreign nationals choosing to visit, this could quickly become the world’s favorite gambling destination.

Just like Las Vegas, the survival of Macau depends on the gambling industry. It makes up 50% of the economy, brings huge numbers of visitors, mainly Chinese, to the area and of course, employs a huge number of people who would otherwise be struggling to find work.

The arrival of foreign casinos from Australia and America in 2007 led to Macau overtaking Las Vegas in terms of revenue from gambling, and Macau has not looked back since then. The big advantage that Macau has even more so now is that it is the only place in China where gambling is legal. This used to be the case for Vegas in America, but it no longer is, and for that reason, Vegas is expected to fall behind even further, with the need to travel to Vegas to bet no longer there.

No Online Gambling in Macau

One thing you cannot do in Macau is bet online. This is currently outlawed and is something that keeps the casinos and sports betting kiosks full of people. The downside is that without online gambling, players won’t be able to take advantage of one of the many bonuses available when playing online. In many other places across the rest of the globe, online casinos are able to draw in customers by offering up a casino bonus to new players when they sign up with an operator. It is a great way for players to try out a casino and see if it fits their playing style.

With online gambling so popular in countries all over the world, it may only be a matter of time before this is allowed to happen in Macau so that the region can keep up with everyone else. However, for now, players who travel there are going to have to use the many casinos and betting halls in the region which continue to be hugely popular and provide a huge amount of revenue to the area.

We said this: Looks like Vegas has some heavy competition.

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