Why Is It Time to Start Managing Your Apps?

Gone are the days when you have to worry about the growing thickness of your wallet. Way back when smartphone apps were not yet the norm and you had a loyalty card for your local supermarket, you kept it there. When you needed cash, you headed to the atm with your debit card safe in your purse. If you didn’t have cash at all to withdraw, your credit card was just there waiting to save the day.

How we enjoy technology

Time is gold and the nice thing about technology is that it makes everything easier. We wanted to move faster so different vehicles were invented and we wanted to talk over longer distances so the telephone was born. Today, these phones don’t just let us communicate. Most of our lives can now be recorded and spent over these handy devices we can carry in our pockets.

Just like in any generation though, we can get too comfortable with our current ways. It’s possible that we still miss out on other things moving on in the world. That’s why we need to keep ourselves up to date as much as we can, because the thing about technology is there’s always something new being developed.

How technology has developed

Once upon a time, our wallets got so much thicker. Not because of the money bills we stuffed in it, but because of the cards and cards we accumulated as we grew older. Now, a lot of these small documentations have been virtually transferred to our smartphones. All you have to do is scan QR codes, remember your passwords, and make sure your battery always had enough juice.

There are many useful apps we can enjoy to save our time. If you are a heavy Mac user, there’s a Keyboard Maestro that optimizes the humdrum keystrokes you no longer realize you even do every day. This app can be programmed to trigger specific actions you want to streamline as you go about your daily work. You can even let it know what music you like listening to and when you like listening to it. Think of it as your online assistant, who never makes mistakes and is ready at your every beck and call. It knows your routines and favorites because you can tell it everything you want it to do.

How to manage technology

The trick though is not to let your apps start running your life. You also need to take control once in a while. We may have removed some of the clutter in our wallets, but we have only moved them to our smartphone screens. If we think back on the whole point of this development, this seems to defeat that purpose.

We already know the value of our time. Although some things may take some patience to learn, a little bit of effort goes a long way. The few minutes you can save from redundant tasks are hours you can eventually spend on the things that truly matter to you.

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