What You Should Know About Gambling in the Middle East


There are plenty of countries that have lenient laws on gambling and some empires make the most out of what they can to keep gamers from all over the world happy. The Middle East is an interesting subject as their laws don’t only have legal implications but also religious ones as well. 

Most people know that most, if not all, countries in the Middle East and North Africa are largely Muslim and their doctrine has a lot to say about gambling. In Islam, the activity is forbidden and is known to be an act of sin. However, as civilization continues to modernize itself, the line that keeps Muslim gamers from testing out their luck has blurred.

Even with regulations, there are some casinos that continue to attract both locals and tourists from all over the world. The Middle East has proven to be one of the most progressive in terms of modernity and development. With that being said, there is no doubt that laws and regulations on gambling have fluctuated over the course of their history but that didn’t stop the casino industry from growing. 

Here are some things you should know about gambling in the Middle East

1. The casino industry is worth millions of dollars. 

The amount of money the Middle East from their land-based casinos alone makes up a hefty sum. Online casinos have become widely popular across countries from Egypt to Lebanon. This rise to prominence has led to growth in tourism as well as demand for resources. 

The activity itself may be lavish in bigger cities but a lot of rural areas still prohibit gambling. The stricter measures in smaller parts of the region are some of the reasons why people tend to flock around high-end places where the rules aren’t so tight. High-rollers spend lavishly on the luxurious venues that clad major cities across the Middle East and there is no doubt these visitors will keep coming back for more. 

2. Online gaming is becoming more popular. 

Even the available casinos in the Middle East cannot stop gamers from getting their hands on online platforms. While there are strict laws regarding the spread or expansion of the casino industry in the Middle East, people get around the regulations by visiting online casino sites from foreign domains. 

People from the region can bet on their favorite teams or spin the reels on a wide range of online slot games. There are many things you can do to test out your luck from the palm of your hand. But even with the widespread popularity of the platform, there are still loyal guests who flock to land-based casinos for the ultimate gambling experience. 

Some of the most popular online casino games are slots. Almost anything iconic can be turned into one and this only makes the platform more preferred over traditional gaming. This is because online sites have larger game databases than what you can find in brick and mortar casinos.

3. Land-based casinos in the Middle East come with prestige. 

The multi-million dollar industry does not boast itself to be lavish if it weren’t living up to the standards of luxury. If anything, playing games in Middle Eastern casinos will earn you prestige! Developers and investors don’t hesitate to spend on the ‘wow-factor’ of their establishments. 

They are made to showcase their cultural pride and diversity. You’ll find that casinos there are decorated with intricate designs both inside and outside. Any guest who decides to take a trip to the Middle East will definitely be greeted with a feast for the eyes! 

It just goes to show how competitive the region is when it comes to becoming the best casino landscape in the whole world. There is also no wonder high-rollers keep coming back – if you ever get the chance to gamble in the Middle East, or so much afford it, then you carry a badge of prestige along with you. 

4. People from the Middle East have a historical connection to gambling. 

Even with strong ethical laws on the activity, the region’s history with it dates back centuries. The institution itself is quite ancient and there is so much that the modern industry has taken from the past. 

During the times when ancient civilizations flourished, gambling was greatly indulged by people. One of the earliest forms of the activity dates back to a game called ‘Ur’. Many people from the region today consider it to be an icon of their ancestors’ craftsmanship, artistry, and genius. The game had similar elements to gambling activities in available casinos in the Middle East today such as rolling dice or using a strategy. Their connection to the past has brought upon a rich and unique approach to casino gaming as far as we know.

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