Top 5 Video Games with Gambling Features

There is a very huge relationship between video games and gambling, and the relationship is approaching its peak with the effort by most online casinos to bring in more interactive and engaging games into their catalogue. A  majority of video games are developed with gambling in mind, in the bid to offer more fun and entertainment.

Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have seen a massive influx of gambling related games, varying from jackpot CSGO games, all the way match betting, coinflip and even roulette. This is because the player can deposit skins and receive real money for them, or coins which can be used on the site.

Whether you are talking about a casino based video game involving a type of blackjack or roulette or some of the mini games that you can gamble on in the bid to earn more points and increase your level while playing casinos, the fact is that many games are equipped with gambling opportunities to satisfy the crave by lovers of gambling.

Below is an explanation of the top 5 video games that come with gambling features that gamblers can take advantage of.

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is one of the best games that hit the market in 2015. The game was very addictive because of the intrigues involved in the gameplay and the complexities strewn into the storyline. If you want to see how popular it is, check the number of fans it garnered.

In the Witcher 3, there is a side card game named Gwent, and this is an amazing avenue for gambling. Here, you have something that will help you spend some time away from baying for the blood of monsters in the min game, and through it, you can navigate from one area to the other in the game world. Fans of poker games will always love the challenge that this side game brings about. It involves picking cards to build a strong deck, a mini challenge that you can savor while away from the main story arc.

Final Fantasy VIII

Now, there is a saying that you are either a very young gamer or you don’t take gaming seriously if you ever say that you’ve not played games in the Final Fantasy series. Now, if you consider the amount of games and possibly the game time involved in the Final Fantasy series, you would understand that a list like this cannot be complete without something from the series.

In the Final Fantasy VIII, there is a small gambling game known as the Triple Triad, and it involves a 3×3 grid where you square against the Artificial Intelligence to fight for the highest value cards in a gambling manner. All you should do is, lay down your own card. This is compared to the card laid down by the Artificial Intelligence in the other square, and the card with the highest value wins. To go home with the prize, you must fill the board with the highest number of cards of your color.

Red Dead Redemption

This is coming from the firm that developed the Grand Theft Auto series that became a hit and this also became one of the most popular games of our time. It comes with some Texas Hold’em poker-like rounds. The game involves trying to cheat your opponent and leaving with some of their cash if you succeed. But when you are caught while cheating or stealing the cards, there are consequences, and one of those is the chance to ‘fight to death’ with this opponent. You can either hand in the cash or get on with the fight. You choose one.

There is also a liars dice in the game. This involves a dice-like gambling game that offers amazing excitement, even though it’s very tricky and edgy.


In the Watchdogs game, which lived up to all expectations, many people enjoyed the saloon poker play and the drinking game scenes. Now, while you have to pay money for each of the rounds of the drinking game, it is so fun-filled that many people can’t resist it. If you are also looking for an amazing mini game to keep you busy when the main game is on hold, the poker tables scattered all over this game would do that.

The desire for players to fight against opposing characters is something the developers are aware of. Many players also use this as a chance to increase the coins in their bankroll by racking up some wins. So, it’s a very nice game to play.

Fallout New Vegas

The Fallout New Ages has the most entertaining and enjoyable gambling element amongst all the other games in recent times. While you stroll around the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Vegas, you will need some form of good luck. Now, you must be intellectually alert if you don’t want to be shortchanged by the numerous dubious casinos out there.

In the Fallout New Vegas, you will enjoy the type of graphics that is traditional to other games of the same series, and which will prepare the environment for you to savor the fun in your favorite casino games. This attribute places its gambling element above those in all the other video games created recently.

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